Liliha Bakery is committed to giving customers oven-fresh cakes and pastries. To keep this promise, Liliha Bakery fires up its ovens at 2 a.m., baking around the clock, and they don't quit till 10 p.m., every day. 

You can choose from an impressive assortment of favorites, including our chantilly, dobash and haupia cakes, ensemadas, butter horns, turnovers, doughnuts and, of course, our famous coco puffs ... 

The Magic Puff 
It's how to make amends with a friend, impress your significant other's family and celebrate a milestone. Liliha Bakery's coco puffs are that kind of magic. The butteriness and creaminess of this chocolate-filled puffed pastry can't be matched nor explained. There's a reason we sell between 4,800 and 7,200 every day. And you can now try our new flavor - green tea coco puffs.